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Anyone who’s exploring anime for the first time starts with a list of series which the anime fans call “the essentials.” This list normally includes Naruto, Dragon Ball, and Bleach. There is another franchise that has been acclaimed by fans worldwide and could be added to this list. The name of that series is “One Piece” written by Eiichiro Oda. One Piece was launched in 1977 and has spanned over 20 years since.

Before getting into Zombie Land Saga Season 2, Zombie Land Saga Season 1 starts off in a very interesting way. In the very first few minutes, our MC Sakura gets hit by our famous Truck-Kun. Now, instead of getting isekai’d like most anime characters do after getting hit by the truck, Sakura wakes up 10 years later just to find out that she has turned into a zombie!